Mikan Drill – 16 June 2010

  1. Steve Kerr has stepped down as the Suns GM.
  2. When you’re not playing in June, you have a lot of spare time… the Magic and Jazz unveil their new logos.
  3. Basketball is being played somewhere other than LA and Boston??  Great overview of Barcelona in the ACB Championship Series.
  4. While we’re there, check out the list of current European Champions, thanks to Ballin In Europe.
  5. Speaking of Europe, check out this INSANE video of the Greek finals.  Takes me back…
  6. The Kobe Conundrum.
  7. Hilarious.  The 11 players you always meet in pickup basketball.
  8. Pierce and Rondo hug it out.
  9. Who complains the most about calls in this Finals?  Kevin Garnett?  Ron Artest?  WRONG.
  10. Take it to the rim, Lakers.

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