Mikan Drill – 23 June 2010

  1. Celebrating “White Chocolate”.
    “Partly due to his flashy style, and partially due to his white skin, Jason Williams quickly ascended the scale of the NBA’s most marketable players. Soon, he was endorsing major products and appearing on the cover of magazines. Maybe it was too much too soon for a country boy, or maybe it was because he never earned all the shine he was receiving, but either way, after three seasons of dazzling play highlighted by hundreds of turnovers and a field goal percentage in the 30s, White Chocolate began chaffing at all the attention, and was shipped out of California, sent to the Memphis Grizzlies for the steady but unspectacular Mike Bibby.” SLAM Magazine.
  2. It’s been a HUGE month for Ron Artest.  Is he the people’s champ?  K1x has thought so for a long time
  3. John Wall Porn.  Yeah, we said it.
    “There are quite a few Wizards fans who have spent the past weeks thrilling themselves with videos and photos featuring the amazing basketball feats of John Wall. At least one blogger has started referring to this genre as ‘John Wall Porn.’” DC Sports Blog.
  4. Dallas is frustrated.  Plenty of monetary investment, plenty of court hours, plenty of passion from players and fans alike.  So what does this team need to get them that elusive championship?  A low-post player.  And that doesn’t mean Dirk.
    “It’s way too late in Nowitzki’s career to think he’s all of a sudden going to develop a low-post, back-to-the basket game. He’s talked about adding that dimension to his arsenal for years, but while he shoots far less 3-pointers than he used to, and he does attack the basket with success, the offense doesn’t run through him in the fashion it would if he played a more traditional power forward/center position.” ESPNDallas.
  5. The community power of basketball.
    “It’s a way to connect with the kids, said Eddie Odney, 32, a Dorchester police officer who was slam-dunking every chance he got. Sports bring everyone together. It gives the kids a chance to see we’re human, too.”

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