Mikan Drill – 29 June 2010

  1. Excellent article in the Washington Post about John Wall and the relationship with his incarcerated father.
    “he still was there for me. . . . Probably if I were older, you would have been, ‘Forget him, he ain’t my daddy, he ain’t here for me, taking care of me.’ At a young age, you don’t know, you don’t care. You’re just happy to have somebody there that you can call your dad. And that’s the biggest thing.”
  2. The 2010 Champions, Los Angeles.  Nice season roundup by Forum Blue and Gold.
  3. We rated the Draft Picks, now Henry Abbott from TrueHoop rates the owners.
  4. Greatest Tumblr blog ever?  Craig Sager’s fashion sense.  If you only click one link today, this is it.
  5. For over a decade now hoop aficianados have debated whether the US college system is appropriate for those players who have no interest in decent education, particularly as so many resources are pooled into the system by alumni, colleges, interest groups and foundations, amongst others.  This entry then glimpsing the D-League as being a suitable substitute?  Love it.
  6. Reason#425 why we love Steve Nash.
  7. Kobe Bryant will sign with an Italian team.  Wait, what?
  8. Bob Hill becomes first ex-NBA coach to make the move to a Japanese team.
  9. Can Wall and Arenas play together?  While we’re reflecting, read this great profile of Agent Zero, um, Hibachi, um, whatever his name is now…
    “He stole his teammate’s rims, he took a game of paintball way too far, he took a shit in his teammate’s shoes”

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