Mikan Drill – 17 August 2010

  1. For the stat geeks, a take on True Shooting Percentage on the Orlando roster.
  2. Karl Malone has deservedly been inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Here’s a question though: who’s better, Tim Duncun or KM?  A Utah fan shares his view, we’d love to hear yours.
  3. Reason #735 why more Aussies should be in the NBA…
  4. Nancy Lieberman, winner.
    “The only pressure on me is the pressure that’s self-inflicted. I’m used to winning. I’m not really sure I know much about losing, so I expect to be successful and I expect our franchise to be successful. I haven’t spent my life aspiring to be on an NBA bench. My focus has been to change the lives of the people who need me. I’m not going to get into a situation where it’s, “Oh my God, what if we lose?” We are going to be successful and we’re going to win and I’ll tell you how: 20 percent of the NBA are players who have experience in the D-League — guys like J.J. Barea, Chris Andersen, Sundiata Gaines. Look at the coaches who have moved up. Look at the referees who have moved up. So 80 percent of my guys I’m coaching for life. We’re going to make them better men. We’re going to give them great information so they’re better decision-makers. We’re going to build their character and self-esteem. And we’re going to make them better basketball players. Does that translate into our winning a D-League championship? It very well could. But more than anything we’ll coach our guys up.”
  5. Steve Adamek is not too hyped about the USA Men’s Team…
  6. Excellent Scottie Pippen article.
  7. Scottie finally gets the limelight he deserves.
  8. Brandon Jennings is focused.
  9. Back to Scottie – J.A. Adande’s take.
  10. And Sam Smith’s take.
  11. Don’t you dare sleep on the D-League.  Next season’s schedule is up, and Matt Hubert has some impressions.
  12. Speaking of which, I love eloquent players.  Add this to your list of must-reads.  Another D-League alumni.
  13. Just so you know, if you’re in Australia the World Championships will be shown on FOX Sports.
  14. A Stern Warning breaks some interesting news – Leroy Loggins to bring back the Brisbane Bullets?
  15. Another Scottie article:
    “Pippen, regarded as perhaps the top individual defender in basketball history, also shared his thoughts on the hottest topic of the NBA offseason, LeBron James’ ‘decision’ to sign with the Miami Heat in free agency. ‘You know what? The way it went down, it was a little bit classless,’ said Pippen, not exactly a stranger to controversy himself during his playing days. ‘He’s a great player and we all love him as a player, but you don’t change spots by going on TV and announcing where you’re going as a free agent. I think that really hurt him a little bit, but it’s over and it’s history.”
  16. Say it ain’t so TP…
  17. Aimless Ballin.  Must Read.
  18. Team “B” (see item 5) beats Les Bleus.
  19. Ok one last Scottie article.

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