Mikan Drill – 5 November 2010

  1. Since it’s early in the season, let’s start with some Rockets Love.  Gotta love the hopefulness.
  2. By now you’ve heard of KG’s ridiculous cancer rant (can’t say we’re fans of KG anymore here at 3MW).  George Karl, beloved Coach and all-around good guy, albeit kind of grouchy, weighs in.
    “Asked about Garnett, Karl said: “My initial response is: it’s disappointing and crossing the line. I don’t know if cancer is an epidemic in our country, but we accept it as a problem and it’s a very dangerous part of life for everybody. Making fun of it, that’s part of (some people’s) sarcastic side of trash talk. . . . I also believe that competition makes us do things that we don’t have our total mental morality (in check). We act like children at times, even coaches.”
  3. Vin Baker and his alcohol problems.  It ain’t all money and parties in the NBA.
  4. DO NOT call Patty Mills this nickname.  For our sake.
  5. Rondo can’t shoot, so should you lay off him and cut down the drive?  Um, No.
  6. Games to watch on OneHD (in Australia) this month, starting tonight.  Come on over, 3MW will be glued to the set.
  7. The saga of T-Mac continues.
    “Does McGrady think that sometimes the situation is mind over body — that his mind is telling him he can do things that he no longer can? “That happens all the time, yeah, as you get older in this league a lot of players will learn that,” he says.  Teammate Ben Wallace understands what McGrady is going through. “I mean it’s tough,” says Wallace. “You know going from being one of the premier players in this league and now having an injury that’s stopping you from doing what you know you capable of doing. I mean, it’s tough. All we can tell him is that the team gonna support him, we gonna be behind him 100 percent. Regardless of what he do on the floor, we gonna be with him, we gonna back him.”
  8. For the love of AI.
    “I am too young to truly remember Jordan’s debut. But, I imagine that Iverson’s impact on my generation was a reasonable facsimile of what MJ did to teenagers in the 1980s when he showed up with his bouncing gold chains, wagging tongue and obnoxious shoes. Just substitute tattoos, cornrows and arm sleeves for the aforementioned accessories”
  9. Matt Hubert’s pick for the NBA Champs.  We’re going to try to hold all our FTB guests to their picks come playoff time… ROckets over Spurs?  Come on Matt…
  10. If you’ve ever lived in Europe, you know George Eddy is THE basketball guy.  A broadcaster with the Canal + France sports department, George Eddy has covered basketball and the NBA — in addition to the Olympics and the NFL — since January 1985. Eddy moved to France from the U.S. in 1977, playing and coaching pro basketball for 12 years. In addition to his on-air broadcasts for Canal +, Eurosport France and others, Eddy has written six books about basketball as well as contributing to numerous magazines and radio stations. Eddy also organizes a shooting camp each summer near Paris.  This is a collection of his blogs from 2004 and older; check out some of his commentary from way back when…
  11. The Association’s predictions for this season.
  12. For the Fantasy Freaks (3MW included) a list of top PF’s.
  13. Do the Thunder need help on D? Interesting views on the impact of Tom Thibideau, long considered the NBA’s D specialist, yet never a contender for Head Coach, so far as we know.
  14. The 1st FIBA Championship.

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