Mikan Drill – 1 December 2010

  1. It makes us happy to know we’re not the only ones hyped about NCAA basketball before the season starts.  Go Blue Devils.
  2. Speaking of which, nice ACC preview.  If you’re in the US, and can make it there, check out the Missouri/Georgetown game… that will be a barnburner.
  3. HoopSpeak has a sexy new banner, and a great post on Andre Miller.  Can you name which team Miller won a championship with?
  4. If you’re a passionate fan, you usually love not only your team but the organisation around it.  So it must SUCK if you’re a Knicks fan to hear that your cross-town rivals are dissing your management… granted, this is the same organisation that managed to annihilate their last Finals team (Spree, Camby, Grandmama), trade for a million point guards, sexually assault their female staff and basically turn the Mecca of Hoops into a sad footnote… and they traded away Lee.  Sigh.
  5. We all know that one player that manages to sneak in the extra step on drives to the bucket.  While we curse and flout our knowledge of the NBA and FIBA rulebooks, the simple truth is that we all wish we had that extra step… behold D-Wade.
  6. Can Dwight become MVP this season?
  7. 2K11.  Now in real life.
  8. Get on with the game, Stephen Jackson.
    “Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown needs Stephen Jackson to stop getting himself tossed from basketball games… Seventeen games into the season Jackson has committed six technical fouls, tying him with Orlando’s Dwight Howard for most in the league. If he reaches 16, he’ll serve an automatic one-game suspension, but it might not take that long.”
  9. Reason #647 why the NBL is just plain strange.
  10. Does LBJ need to just grow up?
    “The fundamental problem for Spoelstra isn’t that James doesn’t respect coaches – he doesn’t respect people. Give LeBron this, though: He’s learned to live one way with the television light on, and another with it off. He treats everyone like a servant, because that’s what the system taught him as a teenage prodigy. To James, the coach isn’t there to mold him into the team dynamic. He’s there to serve him. Wade was one of the Team USA players who’d watch incredulously as James would throw a bowl of fries back at a renowned chef and bark, ‘They’re cold!’ Or throw his sweaty practice jersey across the court and command a team administrator to go pick it up.”
  11. On that note, James wants his jersey retired in Cleveland?  Really?
  12. Home sweet home… sort of.
    “The novelty of Oklahoma City serving as the New Orleans Hornets’ temporary home from 2005-07 seems to have all but disappeared. Crowd reaction during pre-game introductions drew only polite applause for Chris Paul and David West.”
  13. Texas on top in SI’s NBA power rankings.
  14. The Spurs are taking it back to their ABA roots, playing up-tempo and making magic happen on the court.  Just sayin.

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