NBA Free Agents

So the other day this particular writer was chatting with a friend who is a die-hard Boston Celtics fan. The main theme was, ‘Avery Bradley is out until January. Dooling has retired. The C’s need a point guard off the bench.’ And it got us thinking… who is left at the point guard position?

Derek Fisher, Johnny Flynn, TJ Ford and Mike Bibby amongst others. And we got thinking again… ‘What sort of a team could you make from the free agents that are left and are they better than the Charlotte Bobcats? Let’s see what we can put together.

Starting 5

PG – Derek Fisher
SG – Leandro Barbosa
SF – Josh Howard
PF – Kenyon Martin
C – Mehmet Okur


Tracy McGrady
Ben Wallace
Mike James
Bill Walker
Shelden Williams
Michael Redd
Manny Harris
Troy Murphy


Yep. Probably better than the Bobcats.

Fast Break – Freethrows in Compton

We’ve spoken on this blog before about the things which frustrate us in basketball, the things which seemingly go against what we love about the game…

And then there are stories like this.

The event – a foul-shooting contest for top academic students at Compton High School in Los Angeles – was created with a simple premise: Organizers wanted to show the kids at Compton how to create community spirit with college scholarship money as the incentive.

Following a tear-jerking gesture from the winner – it appears the true lessons learned were by the adults.

The kids in Compton are more than alright.

Three months after winning the $40,000 top prize, Allan Guei donated all of his winnings to the seven other finalists.

Today is a good day.


Fast Break – Australia Boomers

As the Boomers try to get to the Australian Institute of Sport in spite of the Volcanic Ash cloud surrounding the country at the moment, we thought we’d take a moment to remind you of how good our teams can be, without any of the advantages more established Basketball cultures may have…

Mikan Drill – 29 April 2011

  1. Chauncey re-signs with the Knicks.  You can breathe a sigh of relief, NY fans.
  2. Iron Man Andre, spending his holidays in Compton eating burgers.
  3. Kevin Durant.  You freak.
  4. Missed the Patty Mills feature on ESPN? Check it out here.
  5. Ron Ron keeps changing shoe companies.
  6. In case you missed it; MJ, a year later.  Maybe not such a bad GM… although we’ll reserve judgement on that one.
  7. Trying to use basketball to fight violent crime in the UK.
  8. Fresh off a killer 4th quarter vs Memphis, Tony Parker talks about France’s national team.
  9. Oh Zo, if only you were still ballin.
  10. David Falk.  If you’ve been an NBA fan for a while, you know the name.  Read the story.
  11. The greatest story ever told.  Bird/Magic.
  12. We feel so bad about Nash. He deserves a ring, deserves to have someone seriously hurt Richardson, deserves to not have his soon to be ex wife spilling all of their history and story out on to TV through the Real Housewives… Spurs, get Nash.  Now.
  13. Hoopseak takes on The Last Season.
  14. Douby in China.  Yes, you need to know more.
  15. Not to keep coming back to the SA-MEM game, but notice how many minutes Tiago finally received?
  16. Dwight for MVP? Ethan!
  17. BADASS.  He really became a bit Jordan-esque in his attitude as he grew older, right?
  18. Where for art thou, Iggy?
  19. What you know about Purple Nurples?

Fast Break – Trade Season

What.  Just.  Happened…

Perk and Nate Rob traded for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic… plus Gody/Semih traded for picks… Mo Williams traded for Baron Davis… best line of the day: “He will blow up to 230lbs and become the laziest shot happy PG in the league…”… OJ Mayo potentially gone for Mcroberts and picks… G-Wallace to Portland for Pryz and picks… Dragic and picks to Houston for Aaron Brooks… Battier to Memphis for Thabeet and picks…