Mikan Drill – 10 March 2011

  1. One of our favourites, or as Ahmad used to say, “that’s my boy”, Sundiata Gaines.
  2. So we’re not the only ones who love McDyess.
  3. Best way to create team chemistry; owe your team money… awkward.
  4. The D-League.  Doesn’t get as much attention around the world as it should; Matt Hubert discusses which teams use the DL the best.
  5. David Falk.  Say no more.
  6. Tony Allen and Defence.  Why is he not getting more coverage?
  7. Howard needs to stop talking.  So do a lot of ballers, now that we think about it…
  8. Stopping the clock for the hometown team?  Too disgusted for words…
  9. Basketball for good.
  10. Sooo when was the last time Stern reacted this way to a game?
  11. Beckley lays down what LBJ needs to learn from Carmelo.

Mikan Drill – 10 September 2010

  1. Been a heck of a summer for superstars.  The NYTimes has a look at what the movements mean not just for the teams involved, but the NBA as a whole.
  2. Ater Majok is no longer a Uconn Husky.  Is it just us here at 3MW that worry about why he withdrew?  Was it the lifestyle?  Pressure?  This kid has declared then withdrawn from the NBA Draft, held out on NBL interest and finally went to a storied, venerable program in the hoops mecca of the USA, yet comes out the other end with a 2 sentence press release?  We’re staying tuned on this one…
  3. Timberwolves are longing for Ricky… is the feeling mutual?
    “Rubio dismissed the notion that he did not want to play for Minnesota, one of the league’s smaller markets.  ’Everyone is talking like Minneapolis is not a good city to live, but I think that it’s a great city to live,’ he said. ‘O.K., the weather is not so good. But there’s a lot of things to do there, a lot of sports to watch and centers to go. I think it’s a great city.’”
  4. Great article in Hoopspeak about the NBA losing money.
  5. Aussie humour and basketball.  Awesome combination.  We’re looking forward to “Jim’s Decision“.
  6. If you know nothing of the WNBA, shame on you.  SLAM has a nice write-up of the 2 teams in the finals.  Yes, it’s finals time for the WNBA.
  7. Smack the ball off the rim, NBA… c’mon, FIBA does it
  8. We love history at 3MW… how Starks became a Knickerbocker.
  9. Beyond words.  Respect given, though.
    “Artest finally won a title in June after 11 regular seasons of trying … and now he’s planning to sell the championship ring as a fundraiser to put more psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in schools.”
  10. A player’s recounting of the D-League.
  11. Dwight Howard makes a wish come true.
    “Some people get a choir that sings them into heaven and some people get a chariot that rolls them into heaven. Not me. I want to be slam-dunked smack, dab into the middle of heaven by Dwight Howard.”

Mikan Drill – 25 August 2010

  1. Wow Magic, awkward
  2. If you haven’t heard by now, Australia won last night against France.  AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!
  3. Ginobili-less Argentina beats Turkey.  This is going to be an awesome world championships.
  4. What on earth are you doing Sasha?
  5. The incomplete story of Kwame Brown.
    “In 2001, Kwame Brown graduated from a Georgia public high school and was drafted by the Washington Wizards first overall in the NBA draft, the first number one pick to come straight from the prep ranks. In retrospect, there were on-court red flags the Wizards should have heeded.
    First, Brown was a 19-year-old high school senior, so it’s likely the already dominant high school player had even more of a physical edge on the 18-year-olds trying to “contain” him. Second, much of his appeal was based on his quickness and agility packaged in a tall frame, but in order to withstand the NBA post game, he’d have to bulk up, which made him too stiff to use those gifts. There was more, but consensus holds that what did Brown in was the mental strain of playing in the best basketball league in the world and, more specifically, the hurt Michael Jordan put on him day in and day out in Wizards practices.”
  6. Henry Abbott looks at MJ’s year in baseball.
    “There’s something we don’t do well in sports media, and that’s tell stories of vulnerability.
    If athletes are butting heads, dominating, humiliating, pumping iron, dunking, trash-talking or doing anything else high-adrenaline … we have that covered.
    But when those same people are in love, sad, making friends, traumatized, soul-searching, homesick — any of the softer human experiences — we’re just not well equipped to discuss it. We’re about winners and losers, about kicking ass and taking names, figuring out who’s alpha dog and all that. ”
  7. Speaking of alpha’s, Kevin Durant… More from NewsOK.
  8. Kyle Stack on another conspiracy theory.
  9. Are you in the US and have hoop dreams?  D-League tryouts.  Just sayin.
  10. Maybe the WNBA just needs more tv coverage.
  11. So MJ is in NBA 2K11… so are his shoes
  12. Remember the Skybox ’92 cards?

Mikan Drill – 17 August 2010

  1. For the stat geeks, a take on True Shooting Percentage on the Orlando roster.
  2. Karl Malone has deservedly been inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Here’s a question though: who’s better, Tim Duncun or KM?  A Utah fan shares his view, we’d love to hear yours.
  3. Reason #735 why more Aussies should be in the NBA…
  4. Nancy Lieberman, winner.
    “The only pressure on me is the pressure that’s self-inflicted. I’m used to winning. I’m not really sure I know much about losing, so I expect to be successful and I expect our franchise to be successful. I haven’t spent my life aspiring to be on an NBA bench. My focus has been to change the lives of the people who need me. I’m not going to get into a situation where it’s, “Oh my God, what if we lose?” We are going to be successful and we’re going to win and I’ll tell you how: 20 percent of the NBA are players who have experience in the D-League — guys like J.J. Barea, Chris Andersen, Sundiata Gaines. Look at the coaches who have moved up. Look at the referees who have moved up. So 80 percent of my guys I’m coaching for life. We’re going to make them better men. We’re going to give them great information so they’re better decision-makers. We’re going to build their character and self-esteem. And we’re going to make them better basketball players. Does that translate into our winning a D-League championship? It very well could. But more than anything we’ll coach our guys up.”
  5. Steve Adamek is not too hyped about the USA Men’s Team…
  6. Excellent Scottie Pippen article.
  7. Scottie finally gets the limelight he deserves.
  8. Brandon Jennings is focused.
  9. Back to Scottie – J.A. Adande’s take.
  10. And Sam Smith’s take.
  11. Don’t you dare sleep on the D-League.  Next season’s schedule is up, and Matt Hubert has some impressions.
  12. Speaking of which, I love eloquent players.  Add this to your list of must-reads.  Another D-League alumni.
  13. Just so you know, if you’re in Australia the World Championships will be shown on FOX Sports.
  14. A Stern Warning breaks some interesting news – Leroy Loggins to bring back the Brisbane Bullets?
  15. Another Scottie article:
    “Pippen, regarded as perhaps the top individual defender in basketball history, also shared his thoughts on the hottest topic of the NBA offseason, LeBron James’ ‘decision’ to sign with the Miami Heat in free agency. ‘You know what? The way it went down, it was a little bit classless,’ said Pippen, not exactly a stranger to controversy himself during his playing days. ‘He’s a great player and we all love him as a player, but you don’t change spots by going on TV and announcing where you’re going as a free agent. I think that really hurt him a little bit, but it’s over and it’s history.”
  16. Say it ain’t so TP…
  17. Aimless Ballin.  Must Read.
  18. Team “B” (see item 5) beats Les Bleus.
  19. Ok one last Scottie article.

Mikan Drill – 29 June 2010

  1. Excellent article in the Washington Post about John Wall and the relationship with his incarcerated father.
    “he still was there for me. . . . Probably if I were older, you would have been, ‘Forget him, he ain’t my daddy, he ain’t here for me, taking care of me.’ At a young age, you don’t know, you don’t care. You’re just happy to have somebody there that you can call your dad. And that’s the biggest thing.”
  2. The 2010 Champions, Los Angeles.  Nice season roundup by Forum Blue and Gold.
  3. We rated the Draft Picks, now Henry Abbott from TrueHoop rates the owners.
  4. Greatest Tumblr blog ever?  Craig Sager’s fashion sense.  If you only click one link today, this is it.
  5. For over a decade now hoop aficianados have debated whether the US college system is appropriate for those players who have no interest in decent education, particularly as so many resources are pooled into the system by alumni, colleges, interest groups and foundations, amongst others.  This entry then glimpsing the D-League as being a suitable substitute?  Love it.
  6. Reason#425 why we love Steve Nash.
  7. Kobe Bryant will sign with an Italian team.  Wait, what?
  8. Bob Hill becomes first ex-NBA coach to make the move to a Japanese team.
  9. Can Wall and Arenas play together?  While we’re reflecting, read this great profile of Agent Zero, um, Hibachi, um, whatever his name is now…
    “He stole his teammate’s rims, he took a game of paintball way too far, he took a shit in his teammate’s shoes”